Enhancing Outreach to Civil Society Organizations in Turkey

17 Sep 2021 Europe & Central Asia
Turkey Outreach Speakers

From Sept. 14 – 15, CAO co-organized an outreach with civil society organizations in Turkey. Some 20 Turkish Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)—including research centers, advocacy groups, and associations working on accountability, environmental, and social development issues—participated in the six-hour webinar. The event featured a presentation on the accountability role of Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) and how accountability can benefit project-affected communities. It also included information on how to submit complaints to mechanisms, as well as relevant policies on reprisals. CSOs also shared their views on current challenges with accountability issues in Turkey

Discussion plenaries were interactive, with numerous questions and comments from the participating CSO representatives. Highlights of the issues discussed included: how the IAMs define who “affected communities” are and how they assess harms, whether IFC environmental and social performance standards conform with Turkish law, how local communities can have more access to the IAMs; and whether IAMs ensure the safety of community members once a complaint is filed.

The objectives of the event were twofold:  to enable IAMs broaden their contact with CSOs in Turkey, informing them of the dispute resolution and compliance services they provide, and to provide IAMs and CSOs with an opportunity to exchange views on how to engage more effectively. The event was co-hosted by three other organizations—the Accountability Mechanism (World Bank), Independent Project Accountability Mechanism (IPAM / EBRD), and the Accountability and the Project-affected People’s Mechanism (PPM / AIIB)—alongside three Turkish CSOs: Argüden Governance Academy, Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), and Transparency International (TI) Turkey.

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