CAO in Numbers

A Journey Through Outcomes from our Work over 20 Years

25 Jan 2022

As we begin a new chapter at the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO)—marked by the new policy governing our work—we have conducted an in-depth review of our cases since our inception in the year 2000.

We have explored over 200 complaints from various communities in 58 countries through data. These complaints have raised concerns ranging from labor disputes to land resettlement, pollution to the loss of livelihoods, and more. The findings from this analysis are presented in the interactive digital report—CAO in Numbers.  

This report presents facts and trends from over 20 years of CAO’s work. We look at the complaints we have received, how CAO handled them, and the outcomes realized through CAO processes. 

Insights gathered from CAO in Numbers will inform our work as we implement our new policy and work to strengthen our effectiveness in facilitating peoples’ access to remedy.

CAO in Numbers is an initiative of CAO’s Advisory function. Learn more about our Advisory work here.

CAO in Numbers

"CAO in Numbers illuminates systemic environmental and social trends from 20 years of CAO’s work as we implement the new CAO policy and  focus on enhancing our effectiveness."